Thursday, April 05, 2007

So Where's David Hasselhoff?

Over the years, I've been known to rant about how awful German radio programming is. Yet I'm haunted by the gnawing feeling that I've never given this aural horror its full due. And so, giddy with remorse, I post the last seven songs played on the local station, SWR1 (Southwest Radio 1):

11:48 – How deep is your love
The Bee Gees

11:41 – Good people
Johnson, Jack

11:37 – Take it easy
The Eagles

11:30 – Burning love
Presley, Elvis

11:25 – Leaving on a jet plane
Denver, John

11:17 – Honesty
Joel, Billy

11:14 – Private eyes
Hall & Oates

Now, some of you might want to spare a song or two on this list from my Sardonic bile. But that misses the point. Look at that playlist. What tinnitus-tormented Teuton wedged Elvis between John Denver and The Eagles? Then, as you're reeling, pained and confused, they hit you with the Bee Gees. They don't mess around here; they want you to break down and cry.

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